• Deliveries scheduled at your convenience…We guarantee delivery time windows to accommodate our client's schedule.
  • Great handling system…Gently lifts and lowers the container without tilting, swaying or sliding. Plus, we won’t damage the surfaces or landscaping on the property, reducing potential claims.
  • All-steel, weatherproof containers…Nothing to attract or retain moisture or odors.
  • Climate-controlled warehouses with video surveillance… Controlled temperature/humidity and our facilities are monitored on a 24/7 basis.
  • One-Stop Shopping…No need for customer to contact another storage customer or find a reputable company to load the container.
  • Security and peace of mind thanks to the fact that their contents are secured with their lock.
  • Less handling of contents = less damage.
  • Cost saving alternative for the "DIY" (do it yourself) customer.
  • Containers require less ground area than a single parking space for Apartment dwellers and Condo Owners.
  • Available for storage or for moving process.